At the heart of any well-functioning modern enterprise is the datacenter. Data Strategy grew up as a datacenter company, and our Infrastructure Team prides itself on a long track record of successful client solutions that balance the realities of legacy IT systems and the future-oriented tech needs of business.

Industry research shows these future-oriented pressures on infrastructure leaders to be unrelenting. CIO’s and Directors of “Converged” must deliver higher service levels and new capabilities, help accelerate application delivery, and do so while managing costs. As standard IT improvements near a breaking point, it’s no wonder that many leaders have started to look for more transformative options, including next-generation IT infrastructure (NGI) — a highly automated platform for the delivery of infrastructure services built on top of new and open technologies, such as cloud computing.

Most organizations have not fully taken advantage of the promise of NGI largely because of the up-front investment required and the complexity of the technology. Data Strategy infrastructure experts, however, understand the integration points necessary to architect and deploy NGI in a balanced, secure, and flexible format.

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