Cost Transparency

Assigning distinct costs to IT services allows technology leaders to confidently communicate business value. Known as Cost Transparency, this process of cost accounting provides a granular look at system redundancies, waste, and inaccuracies. Cost Transparency uncovers areas of spending previously ungoverned or unaccounted for by IT, and these new insights can promote positive change throughout an organization.

Cost Transparency is often implemented through a specialized tool that measures multiple factors, such as software utilization, cost upon purchase, and return on investment (ROI). The Data Strategy Cost Transparency Team provides clients with a core strength in accounting and business management. Our subject matter experts speak the language of CFO, and help facilitate meaningful dialogue around transitioning IT to a value-added service provider. Whether the approach is one of Showback, Chargeback, Metering, or all three, we have you covered.

The Data Strategy Cost Transparency solution is pre-loaded with industry standards and vendor-specific data, generating base prices for cloud infrastructure services. Financial transparency allows users to align service levels with application workloads and cost objectives. Complete visibility into the hybrid cloud environment ensures service levels are maintained and that your cloud is running smoothly. Automated, intelligent, analytics-based monitoring is integrated and connected to all levels of your cloud infrastructure, making it easy to resolve performance and capacity issues quickly.

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