WebEx is a powerful collaboration solution that connects employees, partners and customers with live, interactive audio and video conferencing, IP phones, instant messaging, and email – all integrated. It’s your shortcut to efficiency and productivity.

Consider what you could do for your workforce with WebEx:

  • Increase revenue per sales rep by optimizing “face-to-face” conversations
  • Provide collaboration tools that accelerate consensus, ideas, and product development
  • Put the right people “in the room” to make the best business decisions – anytime, anywhere
  • Accelerate time to market by optimizing processes and knowledge transfer
  • Train, educate, and inform large audiences all at once.

WebEx’s quick deployment helps achieve fast returns on the investment by launching your entire organization in only a few weeks. Increase productivity and reduce costs immediately by refocusing on core competencies, cutting overhead, and minimizing travel. Whether your industry is financial services, education, high tech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing or consulting, you can drive results using WebEx – just like 90 percent of the Fortune 500. You can even share highly sensitive information confidently with enterprise-grade security.

Data Strategy can help you make online collaboration an standard part of the internal environment to drive business growth and sustainable success.