Although video conferencing provides an interactive experience, TelePresence immerses people into the experience through the use of large screens that provide life-sized images of the people in virtual attendance, with direct eye contact and spatial sound.

This combination of video and audio clarity creates the feeling that all parties are actually present in the room as every sound, gesture and facial expression support natural communication.

  • Scale human capital by enabling key talent to be virtually present in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Remove reliance on single-mode communications that can result in a lack of understanding
  • Use touch screen interfaces to bring in other sites or presentations with ease
  • Unify your organization’s strategic goals across all locations.

By mapping processes and business tasks to the capabilities TelePresence provides, companies are reaping the rewards of:

  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Increased revenues
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduced travel expenses.

In order to deliver a realistic and personal experience with TelePresence, your network must provide high-definition video, high bandwidth and low levels of jitter, latency and packet loss. With the right technology partner, this won’t be a problem. Data Strategy’s rich media communication specialists can help your company achieve the perception that everyone is working toward the same strategic objectives within one office — even if your employees are dispersed around the globe.