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Exceptional collaboration begins and ends with the user experience. That’s why Data Strategy’s Collaboration solution includes new video technology with the single objective to transform the collaboration experience around user expectations. From award-winning design to intuitive multi-touch screen interfaces to effortless deployment and setup, Data Strategy ensures that your collaboration technology is always defined by the users’ needs.

Meeting user expectations requires seamless integration. More components just means more integration issues and, ultimately, more user issues that get in the way of effective collaboration. Data Strategy focuses on innovative designs that integrate everything from cable connectivity and upper covers—letting individuals easily assemble devices and start meetings in under a minute—to pre-integrated top applications right into the OS of the device.

  • Unified Communications
    The new virtual workplace is a reality. When you increase collaboration, you improve productivity, employee engagement, and innovation.
  • WebEx
    Discover how you can gain a competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction by delivering a more agile, simple, and consistent experience.
  • TelePresence
    Get back to face-to-face collaboration, and build a more productive organization while transforming your employee and customer experience.

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