Cloud computing offers organizations a number of business benefits, from reducing the total cost of technology ownership to improving the ability to respond faster to market opportunities, such as the need for rapid scale.

Moving to the cloud, however, brings new and unique challenges thanks to the complexities of existing IT investments. Industry research shows that CIOs rank the complexity of their own IT systems as the biggest barrier to adoption of the cloud.


But is the cloud a revolution or an evolution? At Data Strategy, we think it can be either, or both. Our Cloud Strategy experts assist clients in embracing a Cloud model without scuttling existing IT investments. It all depends what you are buying, when you are buying, and how it fits within your current infrastructure.

Cloud software, platforms, and infrastructure may not be right for every business application. So, Data Strategy technology experts listen to first understand organizational initiatives, and then – through a vendor-agnostic approach – leverage technology to help businesses move faster, decrease costs, and reduce risk.


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