Design & Value

Defined by you, and designed by our team, the best solutions address the delivery, accessibility and protection of your data and applications. They’re vetted, staged, and implemented to meet the demands of your business while minimizing time to results.

The resultant research document clearly identifies gaps in business processes, supporting technologies, and staff skill sets. The assessment phase sets the stage for designing and deploying a best-in-class, customized solution for the business. We then translate these business needs into a strategic technology vision — a technology roadmap — that mirrors and supports the overall business goals of the organization.

The resultant document will typically focus on four key areas for your strategic technology initiatives:


Keep the Lights On (KTLO)

These projects typically do not provide revenue opportunities but are necessary to keep the environment operating effectively and efficiently.

  • Infrastructure enhancements for high availability, redundancy and failover
  • Applications Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hardware Refresh

Efficiency Gains

These projects often consist of eliminating manual processes and move towards automation so that staff members can be re-allocated to more value added tasks.

  • Implement for the sales teams management of the sales process
  • Applications that provide profitability information
  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing reporting systems that will enable the business to make decisions based on revenues

Revenue Generating

These projects provide the ability for the organization to utilize new applications, new processes, or new tools to increase company revenues.

  • Projects that eliminate manual work resulting in the redeployment of staff to more value added projects
  • Virtualization & storage enhancements

Operating Cost Reductions

These projects provide the organization with the ability to reduce the costs for doing business.

  • Review all maintenance contracts and find opportunities for consolidation and reductions