Whether you’ve experienced a threat to your organization or you’re just seeking better visibility into your network, Monitoring provides key insights into system efficiency.

As a technology consultant, Data Strategy can help proactively assess vulnerabilities, anticipate needs for additional network support, and plan remediation.


  • Secure. First, review the list of all assets and document the any necessary software updates. Using the information gathered, validate application support and begin remediation process.
  • Performance
  • Monitor. Monitoring system and application performance before an issue occurs can provide baselines for your network to assess against. In many cases, however, an incident is the catalyst to begin monitoring. Don’t allow performance benchmarking to delay the remediation. Use this step to discover possible inefficiencies, constrained resources, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Enhance. Based on the findings of the monitoring phase, it may be necessary to enhance or augment the performance of affected systems. We’ll use this step to continually assess your environment and ensure that your network is operating its best.

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