Cloud. Virtualization. Consolidation. These are terms all too familiar to many organizations, especially in the State and Local Government and Education (SLED) space. As cloud-based service models increasingly become the norm, governmental and educational organizations that take advantage of the move are able to reap many benefits: higher levels of availability, improved resiliency and disaster recovery, reduced data center footprints, and less overhead costs. The added value of the scalability and flexibility of employing IT as a Service (ITaaS) cannot be understated.

But embracing the cloud, however beneficial it may be, comes with its fair share of challenges. The organization must first formulate a plan amidst the continuous, rapidly evolving IT landscape. It then needs to determine how much of its current IT infrastructure will remain in play (on-premise) and what is being moved to the cloud. The challenge then is to ensure security across dispersed systems while still maintaining high levels of service.

At Data Strategy, we live and breathe the world of the data center, and we’ve walked many SLED organizations through these challenges. We keep ahead of the curve and then purpose-build and deliver quality technical solutions that fit the business needs of our customers. And at the end of the day, our innovative, forward-thinking approach means your IT infrastructure is primed and ready for the future.

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