Healthcare systems in the modern world are often incredibly complex, and from one organization to the next can differ drastically based upon the unique needs of the markets they serve. Each system is challenged with the task of navigating its way through a maze of rapidly changing IT innovations, ensuring its business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions are sound and in place, keeping operating costs within budget, and managing their ever-growing terabytes of patient data.

The data center fits here as a crucial piece of the puzzle for quality, accurate patient care, reducing TCO, regulatory compliance, and enabling collaboration and instruction across the organization. The problem is that many healthcare organizations are running on aging data center infrastructures, and in a time when the need to increase data center capacity and availability is at an all-time high, this fast becomes a critical issue that cannot be overlooked.

Data Strategy’s approach then is to carefully evaluate the individual needs of each of its healthcare clients and formulate innovative, yet practical data center solutions that enable the organization to meet and exceed the needs of its patients. And better yet, we do all this while simplifying your IT operations and reducing the footprint of your data center through solutions like converged infrastructure and hybrid cloud, creating a more cost-efficient operation all the way around.

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