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Leading You Through Cloud Strategy

Our Cloud Strategy Workshop provides a framework for the facilitation, development, and documentation of a customized cloud strategy specific to your business needs and goals. The Process The workshop is held onsite at your office, or at a designated offsite location. It is conducted as a series of three 4-hour meetings, taking place approximately two […]

Taking a Layered Approach to Cloud Security

As more and more organizations move to the cloud, they all face the same challenge: understanding and managing the new layer of data security introduced by cloud computing. Whether they’re adopting public, private, or hybrid clouds, enterprises must deal with security before they can reap the benefits of the cloud. In response, many organizations are […]

All Together Now: Transformation Involves Everyone

Everywhere I look these days, I see more and more organizations driving IT transformation – enabled by new technologies – as a way to achieve agility and flexibility. And the benefits are clear: by giving their IT staff modern service-oriented technologies and automation tools, these organizations can deliver innovative new services and business models that cut costs and drastically improve the time to market.