Working at Data Strategy

At Data Strategy, we pride ourselves on hiring good people – bright, creative, passionate professionals who thrive on working together in smart, collaborative teams.

We know that our success comes from our people. That’s why we are committed to investing heavily in you and your career growth.

We offer learning opportunities, continuing education, and tremendous opportunities for advancement within the company. We will give you the training and support you need to go where you want to go.

When you work at Data Strategy, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who love what they do. You’ll be a part of a hard-working, creative team who consistently go the extra mile to deliver the best services to our clients.


  • Data Strategy employs a work hard, play hard strategy where employees encourage each other and are rewarded in return.
  • Our atmosphere is warm, inviting and there is an immediate sense that the employees genuinely enjoy working with each other.
  • Employees at Data Strategy work well together, have fun together and support each other.
  • We believe that a productive workplace is one where work and play are at a happy medium, and we strive to be that and more for our employees.

Training & Development

  • Data Strategy offers a variety of training programs to further the knowledge and experience of our valued employees.
  • We know that being committed to our growth means being committed to yours and we are able to provide relevant training that will further your career both at Data Strategy and in the IT industry.
  • Training opportunities are available for all positions within Data Strategy and are made available to our employees usually at no cost to them.


  • Data Strategy offers a comprehensive benefits plan, including 401(k), dental, vision, health and life insurance.
  • We understand that the amount of work you put in should be reciprocated and that’s why we have put together a benefits package that takes care of you and your family.
  • In addition, we have several unique team-building and employee appreciation events throughout the year to show our employees how much we value them.


  • Data Strategy continues to grow and be a leading technology name in the Midwest through our commitment to excellence and focus on customer needs.
  • Our consistent and high-level work shows that dedication of our employees to the company's overall success is second to none.
  • We are a trusted partner because of our track record of success; we set the bar high because we know that you want a company that will work as hard for you as you do for it.