Mobility Solutions Enable Work-Life “Blend”

It wasn’t long ago that corporations could largely ignore mobility and device choice. End users primarily worked at desks on the corporate campus with limited ability to a VPN from home. Remember telling employees with those brand-new iPhones that it was against corporate policy for them to get company email on their phone unless they had a Blackberry device? Neither IT nor the end user ended up satisfied in that situation.

That situation has rapidly changed in the past few years with the proliferation of end-user computing devices and the consumerization of IT. End users are increasingly using a broad variety of devices in any number of locations to get work done, and they have come to expect their company to support that. More people are choosing to “blend” rather than “balance” work and life, and having the right device is key to their productivity and their overall satisfaction at work.

One user may want to work on an iPad as his primary computing device, while another might like the flexibility of a Surface Book. One user is a die-hard Mac OS X fan, while another can’t live without a built-in number pad on his laptop. And everyone wants to be able to pull out their phone and quickly approve that Change Request that just came in without leaving their child’s soccer game – that blending of work and life.

Given this evolution toward Bring Your Own Device, business IT today must meet end-users’ needs to enable maximum productivity and employee satisfaction, while still ensuring the security of the network and corporate data.

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