Ransomware Attack: How prepared are you?

As you know by now, there was a massive ransomware attack late last week that affected numerous organizations worldwide – most notably Great Britain’s public health system and FedEx here in the United States.

Were you ready for it?

If you’re feeling unprepared, we’re here to help. Our cyber security practice consists of leading experts skilled in architecting and protecting IT ecosystems, establishing prevention governance, and managing mitigation.

At our most recent Security Symposium in February, and again during our TechEx webinar in April, we reviewed how most attacks can be prevented by following security best practices and leveraging the right security tools. This includes several basic building blocks that oftentimes fall to the wayside.

For example:

  • Server Patching: Is this a chore for you? It’s core to us and one of the key practices for protecting your organization.
  • Email Filtering and Secure email gateways: We work with the top providers and we know what works.
  • End-Point Security: Are you aware of next-gen tools that can stop Zero-Day Attacks?
  • DNS: Tap into our services where experts watch the attack landscape (24×7) and prevent your users from accidentally clicking on dangerous URL’s and IP addresses.
  • Cloud Security: We have tools that can protect your data and environment from threats originating from cloud service providers. In addition, these services provide visibility into your cloud usage, shadow IT, and enable DLP, encryption, and granular access controls for all of your cloud services.

If any of these topics are a struggle for your organization, give us a call or reach out via email. We can quickly and efficiently provide assessment services to help you understand areas of weakness and keep your technology environment safe from the next ransomware attack.

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