Data Strategy Security Specialist Talks Shadow IT and Sanctioned Cloud Applications

Grand Rapids, Mich. — The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) a non-profit, international organization of information security professionals, will meet on Friday, January 20 to hear from Rebecca Harvey, Information Security Specialist for Data Strategy.

Harvey will discuss how visibility, threat protection, compliance, and data security are vital to an organization’s ecosystem. With security and technology constantly changing, she will examine different approaches to cloud security and how the IT security marketplace has evolved over the years.

With nearly 20 years in the IT security field, Harvey is committed to helping clients secure their environments, whether on premise or in the cloud. She believes that traditional information security methods, focused on each layer individually, are no longer effective and that security needs to be woven into the ecosystem as a whole.

“To keep organizations safe, we need to have a zero-trust model that relies on the architecture, automation, and intelligence of the ecosystem or immune system,” said Harvey. “To do that, we need to build a system that leverages interoperable IS technologies that remember, learn, and grow to address the ever-changing threat landscape.”

Harvey is a graduate of Michigan State University with an ITS degree. She specializes in Cloud Access Security, Identity, Managed Security Services, Governance, and Compliance.

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